Coffee Table Book is back!

We are prepping to release Volume II of ‘The Titans of Risk industry’, unveiling gems from the industry who have been a part of the significant transformation of the security and risk landscape and who continue to provide exceptional services.


The Titans of Risk Industry-

Volume II

Nominations Open

Netrika Coffee Table Book is intended to reveal the risk industry’s leaders, who have played a key role in transforming the face of the risk sector and continue to deliver outstanding service.
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About ‘Coffee Table Book’

By bringing their names and messages together in one place, ‘ Netrika Coffee Table Book’ aims to honor the top industry leaders in the risk domain. The domain has been at the forefront of every emergency, be it demonetisation, natural calamities, pandemics, riots, unrests, and so on providing its support and services.

The NCTB’s mission is to reach out to the top minds of the industry and convey their message, their thoughts and concepts – to provide insights into the domain’s evolution through time, where it’s headed, and best practices that can be copied.

Selection Process

Fill out necessary details

Top nominees will be reviewed and shortlisted

Give specific instances of the accomplishments towards meeting the criteria.

Final decisions will be made by the jury

Nomination Vertical

Fraud Risk

Physical Security



Background Checks


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Eligibility Criteria

  • Nominee shall be the brand ambassador in their respective fields
  • Nominee should be from the risk industry
  • Nominee can represent any of the given verticals: Fraud Risk, Physical Security, IPR, Cyber Security, Background check, and Training

Nominate yourself, your colleague or your client

(Last Date of Submission is May 10th, 2022)

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