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Stanley Aloysius

An experienced Industrial and Corporate Safety & Security Practitioner. With an extensive background comprising Law Enforcement, Corporate and Industrial Safety & Security.

With over 37 years of experience working with US Silicon-Valley Corporations in high-technology

manufacturing e-commerce, digital payment platforms and finance technology space. For over 20

years, he holds a special focus on Corporate and Industrial Security Risk Management within the Asia Pacific region resulting in an established and extensive Regional Security Operations and Intelligence network with Government Security Organizations, Law Enforcement Agencies and Professional Security Practitioners.

His expertise lies in anticipating security threats, risks & vulnerabilities at company level, business- level and enterprise-level; formulating counterthreat solutions; developing safeguards against industrial espionage; providing technical security expertise in systems design and application; and utilization of tools and platforms for Intelligence gathering and interpretation to meet the challenges of a fast changing global security threat landscape.

CCSMS expert

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