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Terrorism still poses a severe threat to world peace and security, impacting the people of many UN member states and their socioeconomic progress. Diverse difficulties and strategies can be applied to counter-terrorism activities at the worldwide, regional, and national levels…

Preparing for the Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) examination is not an easy task. However, given the growing number of professional alternatives, the CFE course in India has emerged as a top choice in the job market. It is the professional…

Supply chain security is supply chain management focusing on the risk management of external suppliers, vendors, logistics, and transportation. It discovers, analyses, and mitigates the risks of collaborating with third-party organizations as part of your supply chain. It might encompass…

The CFE certificate is the most widely recognized credential for demonstrating forensic accounting and fraud prevention skills. It demonstrates knowledge of fraud prevention, detection, and deterrence. Certified Fraud Examiners can identify the warning signals of fraud and the danger of…

Specialized accounting tasks are carried out by a certified fraud examiner in India. Candidates for this position must have a solid accounting background and work history. To become a certified fraud examiner in India, a person must pass the ACFE…

Organizations generally delve into the concerns of supply chains, property, the economy, the market, and regulatory compliance, while risks continue to escalate. In addition to these typical concerns, businesses now have additional concerns, such as cyber risk, geopolitical relations, health…

Risk management training certification includes explaining how to handle various work-related accidents, cybersecurity issues, privacy violations, and preventative steps to reduce exposure risks. Before performing such a critical function in a professional setting, risk managers usually obtain a risk management…

How To Become Supply Chain Security Specialist A supply chain security expert consistently works to improve supply chain security management to meet evolving needs. Earning the certified supply chain security specialist certificate from Netrika Consulting India is one of the…

Supply chain security encompasses a broad range of activities incorporating the planning, controlling, and execution of product flow from raw material to production and dispatch. Supply chain security certification, along similar lines, is a strategically planned course that encapsulates the…

A CFE course defines the standard of excellence in a professional in the preclusion, decreeing, and investigation of fraudulent incidents. CFE, being a gold standard in the anti-fraud professional world distinguishes a professional with skills that become unique and globally…

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Netrika was founded in 2013 with a vision to help clients focus on their core competencies in a risk-free
environment. The company is spearheaded by Mr. Sanjay Kaushik and backed by a management with over 3 decades
of diverse experience. Netrika is headquartered in Delhi-NCR and its regional offices are spread across Mumbai,
Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Chennai. The company has a growing international presence, currently in UAE, Sri
Lanka and Singapore.

Netrika is a global leader in risk mitigation and integrity management services, operating in emerging and frontier
markets. Through its comprehensive offerings, the ISO 9001:2015 and 27001:2013 certified company provides
specialised training regimes partnered with many international bodies such ACFE, ASRIS, FIS, TAPA , RIMS and many

Since last seven years, Netrika is at the helm to train countless individuals from many organizations and businesses
representing multiple management areas including Logistics, Security, Finance, eCommerce, Retail, Manufacturing
and Supply Chain amongst others.

Netrika training program covers various Specialised Security & risk related certifications & courses including
Corporate security , Counter terrorism ,Crime prevention, Enterprise risk management, Fraud Examination, Interview
Techniques, ABC & AML, Crisis management , Prevention of sexual harassment (PoSH) besides self-defence for
women, business continuity to create systems of protection and recovery from the potential hazards or risks involved
to business communication skills.

We groom individuals by training them to categorically emphasise on maintaining customer relationship, observe
consumer behaviours and public relations as the pivotal areas.

Having emerged as an organisation of repute in less than a decades’ journey, Netrika boasts its inimitable identity of
being only such group in the Indian subcontinent that provides and have already trained more than 300 individuals
represented by several esteemed corporate groups.

Our trainers with industry exposures as specialists are experts in the respective areas of specialization. It makes
Netrika trainers crème de la crème that offer services with dedication, commitment and high level of

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