Anti-Terrorism Training Courses

Anti-Terrorism Training Courses

The security framework encompassing anti-terrorism certification is a strategic approach to innovating the existing programs and reinventing the technological approach, to enhance global security. The counter-terrorism course incorporates key elements enabling a professional to address the current and potential threats. 

Anti-terrorism certification is a vital medium in the terrorism detection & prevention landscape that aims to develop strategies intended to assess, manage and combat terrorist threats and the elements that contribute to its existence. This set of streamlined strategies forms a crucial part of facilitating the understanding of the interaction and evolution of terrorist ideologies. The anti-terrorism certification forms the impetus for innovating the strategies that can mitigate even the most sophisticated risks to global security. 

Identifying the vitality of anti-terrorism certification, Netrika offers Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist (CACTS) is taught at an unclassified level to professionals aspiring to join this expansive ecosystem. The CACTS certification encompasses subjects related to fraternities from both the Commercial and Law Enforcement sectors.

The counter-terrorism course is committed to promoting the safety & security narrative globally by educating professionals on a gamut of threats, trends, and case studies, related to terrorist acts. It includes the role of governments, security personnel, military, agencies, civilians and technology in its curriculum . The counter-terrorism course encapsulates the robust safety landscape of tactics and techniques, intended to be impenetrable by terrorist ideologies. 

The idea behind the anti-terrorism certification is to produce a professional capable of identifying terrorist acts in the initial stage of intel.The counter-terrorism classes amalgamate theoretical and practical elements to enable this vital force.

The course topics include:

  • Global Terrorism Threats and Trends
  • Recent Terrorist Attacks: Case Study
  • Explosives and Its Effects
  • Improvised Explosive Device
  • Fundamentals of Anti and Counter-Terrorism Framework
  • Methods of Attack: Tactics, Techniques and Procedure
  • The Process of An Operational Plan: The Attack Cycle
  • Ex Silent Whisper: Attacking and Defending a Target – Vulnerability Assessment
  • Managing IED Incidents
  • The Use of Internet and IT for Criminal, Terrorist and Security Purposes
  • Exercise Swift Valor: Reacting to IED Incidents

The program provides a professional with a thorough understanding of both grasps and applies the appropriate mitigation measures. It also enables them for casualty management through an initial assessment before the arrival of the follow-on assistance. Moreover, the anti-terrorism certification aids the understanding of threat detection and pattern trends.

The course also offers a broad framework for international terrorism, while defining the similarities and differences from a strategic point of view. It includes the Modus Operandi of terrorist groups in different locations where terrorist cells are active.

Furthermore, the anti-terrorism certification integrates subjects of tactical disciple that is Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP) centric with the prime objective to promote protective-hardening measures. It also incorporates the subject of technical aspects of an explosive device (IED). It trains the professional about how IEDs are employed against a target and assesses the target’s strength and vulnerability and the attack phases.

How Netrika promotes anti-terrorism strategies by a strategically-designed Anti-Terrorism certification 

The Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist (CACTS) from Netrika is built with the joint effort of CACTS and Netrika, to build a more vigilant and prepared fleet of certified anti-terrorism specialists. The anti-terrorism certification course acclimatises the participants to the threats and challenges to global security through an extensive curriculum based on real case studies and counter forces. Through the extensive and value-adding CACTS course, Netrika drives the understanding of terrorism threat detection and pattern trends.

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