Certified security management specialist

A security management specialist is a globally recognized ‘’Symbol of Excellence’’ professional who performs security assessments across the industrial domain. A renowned course for security managers, corporate security certifications validate a professional’s knowledge and competency in the well-devised domains of security management. 

A professional who earns the security management specialist credentials reflects their proven skills, expertise, and ability to add value to the public and private organizations. Moreover, it increases a professional’s competency and gives them an expansive platform to advance their career across the globe. 

This is apropos of the key responsibilities and benefits that a security management specialist receives, which reflects the vitality of this certification. 

Duties/ Responsibilities of a security management specialist

Below are the common responsibilities of a security management specialist:

  • Design, develop and implement the organization’s security systems, protocols, and policies.
  • Monitor the security systems, respond to emergency situations, and take immediate action.
  • Detect the potential threats, including physical, digital, employee safety, and asset protection.
  • Frequently conduct security system inspections.
  • Draft and update security procedures.
  • Organize and provides training on security procedures, policies, and equipment in the organization.
  • Assist the team with the organization’s budget development for security systems.
  • Maintain the employee security files and identify abnormalities to detect both insider and outsider threats.
  • Organize schedule and conduct emergency drills accordingly.
  • Devise a response team and provide required training to act in an emergency.
  • Coordinate the departmental security planning, facilities emergency operations & management.
  • Develop a comprehensive security compliance oversight.
  • Organize audits, assessments, and risk evaluations against the regulatory guidelines.

While a professional displays strategic positioning of security in the organizational landscape, they also ascend their career graph with wider opportunities. To earn the security management specialist credentials, professionals must apply for certification with ASIRS. ASIRS certification along with its course offerings helps a professional to identify, monitor, prevent and deter the security vulnerabilities in an organization.

However, to gain the certification, a professional must encompass the following characteristics: 

  • Detail Oriented

The aspirant must be observant and mindful of all details. 

  • Problem-Solving Skills

Problem-solving enables an aspirant to effectively solve a problem in a timely fashion. 

  • Analytical Skills

Analytical skills help an aspirant garner information from different sources and interpret it to reach a logical argument.  

ASIRS certification benefits

  • It offers a comprehensive understanding of advanced security management concepts making your job easy.
  • Enables you to swiftly climb the corporate ladder
  • Provides better career opportunities, higher compensation, and a competitive edge

Netrika collaborates with ASIRS and offers the certificate in security management, encompassing the elements of business espionage, corporate competitive intelligence, and corporate espionage. The course provides an overview of key security management principles and their interrelated applications and functions within a corporate culture.

Our security management experts provide insights into the evolving risk landscape and understand the physical security trends and factors influencing global corporate security to strengthen the security portfolio.

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