The catalyst in aiding organizational espionage protection
Weaving risk aversion, counteraction, and contingency in CCSMS certification

The corporate marketplace has been for decades the vulnerability of enduring risks to its security in the form of sensitive documents and data theft through a security breach. This risk, however, has steadily increased as the technology underwent a more sophisticated transformation. The world has witnessed innumerable incidents, where the threats were sophisticated enough to disguise themselves successfully and trap their victims.

A security breach can be both intentional and unintentional comes in a myriad of forms and attacks the core of any enterprise. Mitigating the security attack on businesses requires a thorough security strategy, but despite these measures and a plethora of tools, corporates fall prey to such incidents. This brings to light the need for additional strategies and a risk response plan to function for security protection.

The roadmap to stringent security measures in protecting your company against security threats by devising strategies that shield against an attack to not only finances but reputation too. Loss of data and capital for an enterprise is huge damage, but defamation of brand reputation is irreparable. Established entities move in the guiding forces of technology to regulate a zero-risk management approach. Yet, criminals find vulnerabilities under this resilience.

This is where, the ultimate weapon against corporate risk takes shape under the guiding light of skills, training, and certification through CCSMS certification. When amalgamated in the right dose through expert professionals, the end result of corporate security management specialist successfully develops resilience against risks and builds robust crisis management.

Let’s find out what roles the CCSMS certification plays in the professional growth of a specialist whilst driving corporates to perform fool-proof emergency planning and act in the face of threat.

Roles & responsibilities of a Corporate Security Management Specialist
It takes skills and corporate acumen to nurture career growth while shielding businesses from risk

The landscape of corporate security has changed drastically over the last decade, as the inclusion of IoT, mobile devices, social engineering, and algorithms increased leading to a changed corporate focus. We no longer live in a world where corporate security was restricted to security guards, guarding the doors, and ensuring safe nightly deposits. The world has moved to 24*7 online banking where cyber-security has taken the prime focus.

This shift in security framework, demands specialists who are consistently superseding their skills both for career growth and business safety. But every specialist with CCSMS certification needs to be more than just the subject intellectual. They need to have the right acumen alongside the constant desire to learn about technological advancements.

The pertinent combination of knowledge, expertise and knack for risk findings becomes the specialist who holds the following responsibilities:

  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation

While the security and safety, hazards can be wide-ranging in a corporate, being vigilant through assessments is the true way to move ahead. For a specialist with CCSMS certification, assessing the risk of physical, environmental or digital threats holds the priority. This stage will include the Certified corporate security management specialist to-

  1. Design, develop, and implement security systems and protocols.
  2. Install, maintain, and repair security systems and hardware.
  3. Monitor security systems and activity.
  4. Identify potential threats to physical security, employee safety, and asset protection.
  5. Monitor and respond to emergency situations.
  6. Conduct security system inspections.
  7. Recommend security systems based on findings of security inspection.
  8. Coordinate emergency drills at central office and satellite locations.
  9. Conduct audits, assessments, and risk evaluations against national and international regulatory guidelines and privacy and security standards.
  • Security training & management

While cyber security is the need of the hour, physical security still cannot be neglected. For every corporate office with a physical presence, the deployment of trained guards and security managers becomes prime to the facility. While one of the qualities of a specialist with CCSMS certification is not being complacent, they also need to pass on the new security technology knowledge to the corporate employees consistently.

Therefore, a specialist with CCSMS certification must train the security personnel and employees about security up-gradation and their role in the process.

  • Policy Enforcement

A specialist with CCSM certification holds the responsibility of enforcing policies on safeguarding the safety and security of the corporate. While doing so, they have to ensure that all the employees are in agreement with the policies and understand it well enough to act in the face of threat.

  • Compliance

A specialist with CCSMS certification also has to ensure that the entire facility complies with the security and safety policy, that incorporates both national and international standards.

CCSMS Certification: A foundation of security framework across the business spectrum
A strategic approach conducive to the corporate security function

The CCSMS certification encompasses strategic security concepts, structures, concepts, models, and principles to develop a security management framework. This ecosystem thus obtained examines the physical and digital risk trends that contribute to the short and long-term security challenges to a corporate.

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