Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

CPTED certification or crime prevention through environmental design certification is a course that focuses on optimized use of the physical environment and tactical designing. CPTED certification aims to scale down criminal activities in an environment and the fear that encircles crime.

This proactive model of preventing crime before they occur in CPTED training is crucial to the design process for setting the stone of security through a summary of strategic safety concepts. The concept of CPTED certification can work in conjunction with socioeconomic. Community and environmental elements to assist in a robust crime prevention strategy.

What are the five principles incorporated by CPTED certification?

  • Physical security through measures deployed on individual residencies to ensure they can withstand vulnerabilities.
  • Surveillance by ensuring that the residents have access to their neighbourhood areas such as illuminated streets.
  • Movement control restricts personal properly access through permit identification and physical security.
  • Management and maintenance to ensure that the nearby development structure is in force.
  • Defensible space by defining the neighbourhood area clearly, such as pavement, public garden etc.

What are the benefits of Offline & Online CPTED training?

CPTED certification enables the professional to develop mandatory and necessary ordinances based on the physical environment for maintaining safety and security. It offers deep insight into the design process and control of criminal behaviour.

CPTED certification sheds light on the criminal contributing factors to humans and methods to avert them while planning for a dwelling or other physical environments. Professionals learn how to prevent crime through natural means, and access surveillance and control to reduce the chances of crime.

CPTED certification is not a reactive model, but a predictive one, which gives it an edge over criminal activities while constructing a physical environment.

Enabling a safe and secured neighbourhood landscape, Netrika offers the CPTED certification to help professionals identify, design, and execute the tangible environment plan while evaluating and validating the project’s progress. The CPTED course is aimed at a detailed and practical physical environment design that minimizes the crime rate while increasing the environment quality.

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