Prepare for Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) Exam

How to Prepare for Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) Exam

Are you on the lookout for assistance on how to prepare for the certified fraud examiner (CFE) exam? Your certification journey can take shape through ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners), the world’s largest centre for anti-fraud education and training. In this article, we assume  you on a detailed information guide on the certified fraud examiners’ CFE exam and how to prepare for it. Let’s get right into it then-

What is the Certified Fraud Examiners CFE Exam?

The certified fraud examiner exam is a professional’s strategic path to explore and get adept in the fraud landscape while expanding their skills to avert such threats. The  vitality of this exam makes understanding what the certified fraud examiner CFE exam so important is. 

The CFE exam highlights an aspirant’s  knowledge, skills, professionalism in the financing, accounting, auditing and robust moral character, analytical and problem-solving skills. As a conclusion to the CFE course ,the exam tests the in-depth know-how on primary areas of fraud in terms of financial transactions, fraud schemes, law, investigation, fraud prevention, and fraud deterrence. 

The certification exam is step 1 to a scaling journey of specialized career opportunities that a professional achieves across the globe with manifold benefits.

CFE Certification Benefits

Understanding what is the certified fraud examiners CFE exam is usually accompanied by the benefits it encompasses for both the professional and the organization. The main aim of the CFE exam is to create an ecosystem that deters fraud and white-collar of any bandwidth and frequency and facilitate a strengthened business and career growth.

To accomplish the purpose, the CFE exam fulfils the followings benefits: 

  • It amalgamates expertise, skills of fraud identification and prevention through a streamlined strategy. 
  • Its high norms for admission, competence reflects in the exposure to market opportunities and increased job security.
  • A professional gains high visibility and credibility when the ACFE tag is associated with their certification. 
  • CFE exam adheres to a strict code of conduct and professional ethics, imparting a safe, credible and reliable shield to business. 

Importance of ACFE Certification 

ACFE certification has global importance, which the following can validate  

  • It hones a professional’s inherent skills, knowledge and expertise to make them highly competent and encourages and supports a fraud-free work environment through strategies. 
  • It assists an aspirant to stay ahead in the fraud landscape by connecting them via communities, exhibitions, and other hybrid events.  

CFE Exam Format 

The CFE exam format is simple for any aspirant to take, which includes the following:

  • An aspirant can take the CFE exam online.
  • The CFE exam format consists of four sections.
  • The CFE exam can be taken at the convenience of the professional.
  • To pass the CFE exam, a candidate must obtain a minimum of 75% marks.

While, knowing the Certified Fraud Examiners CFE Exam is the first step to your career journey, understating its format and starting preparing for the exam must be followed immediately. Netrika offers the best-in-business certified training professionals with vast experience in the fraud investigation and prevention arena to guide this process provide expert training. 

The authenticity of our training experts is proven by Netrika’s collaboration with ACFE to become the only training partner in India. Our world-class training is your affirming nod on obtaining a CFE certification.

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Are Associate members required to become CFEs?

No. While we encourage every member to continually expand their anti-fraud knowledge, we do not expect, nor require, all of our Associate members to become CFEs

How do I maintain my CFE credential?

CFEs must earn at least 20 hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) every 12-month period, pay annual membership dues and follow the ACFE Code of Professional Ethics and the ACFE Code of Professional Standards.

Can I receive a waiver of the CFE Exam, for being in for many years?

No, all applicants are required to take the CFE Exam. Previous experience or previous certifications will not exempt you from taking any part of the exam.

Is the CFE credential acknowledged globally?

Yes, the CFE credential is recognized and accepted worldwide as the standard of professional excellence.

Do other entities offer the CFE certification?

No. The CFE certification is a unique aspect of the ACFE.

What is the certified fraud examiner exam cost?

The Certified Fraud Examiner course fees for Online session is $2200 and for Physical session, the cost is $2500.

What is CFE course details?

Four subjects are covered in CFE course, i.e., Financial Transactions and Fraud Schemes, Law, Investigation, Fraud Prevention and Deterrence.