Until it is authorized, it remains questionable
Reaching out to an authorized CFE trainer defines the sincerity in business

It no denies how well accomplished has the CFE certificate become for those who seek to abate fraudulent activities through the right set of skills. To aid in the anti-fraud training and education for adopting strategic approach professionally, ACFE, the world’s largest anti-fraud organization has been instilling public confidence to counter such thefts.

With certifications becoming a popular stream of career up-gradation and students, freshers, experienced professionals resorting to it as a stepping stone to success, getting one from the authorized trainer partner comes with many benefits.

Garnering the massive benefit pool of CFE certificates, Netrika has stood out to be the only authorized CFE trainer partner in India, which imparts bull’s eye objective of fraud deterrence. While there is no dearth of CFE certification providers nationally, it is always safe to individuals and businesses to invest in the authorized programs. Afterall, it is an authorized certificate that keeps you or your brand distinct in leading organisations ‘ hiring and promotion policies.

Backing the theory, the 2020 Compensation Guide for Anti-fraud professionals brought to light that CFEs earn 34% more than their non-certified colleagues. But what does a certified CFE training course offer a professional or business that differs from  non-certified ones?

Let’s find out-

CFE Certificate is a remarkable marketing credential
Staying ahead in the Anti-fraud domain with training from the finest

The world is not in its old-fashioned days anymore, where fraud was mostly associated with financial documents. The world has evolved and so have the fraudulent activities that, besides living in the financial documents, hide in plain sight and in your digital feeds. It has become practically impossible to mitigate the risk of its occurrence completely, which brings us to the next best step- eliminate the potential causes and monitor them for future incidents.

However, as  technology has transformed, there is constant shift in both fraudulent and anti-fraudulent strategies. This makes it vital for both individuals and businesses to rely on robust and reliable sources. What better way to counteract than put a nip in the bud before it takes shape?

You guessed it right!

The training and education with CFE certificate from authorized organization that offers insights into how to recognize the red flags before they penetrate for complete dilapidation.

Netrika, swoons here with its feather in the cap that boasts of being the only authorized CFE training partner with ACFE India. It comes as a saviour for individuals who wish to advance their career with CFE certification that is the documented proof of expertise and experience, representing a high level of skill, knowledge and professionalism. For businesses with CFEs on staff, the CFE certificate from an authorized trainer indicates that those organizations uncover fraud 50 percent sooner and experience fraud losses that are 62 percent smaller than organizations that do not have CFEs on staff.

Moreover, the CFE certificate allows individuals to enhance their marketability with job security while gaining visibility and credibility across the different industrial verticals internationally. While CFE certified fraud examiners are the front-liners defending organizations against the threats, their occurrence, investigation and application of strategies.

It helps professionals distinguish them from their peers who combine the knowledge of complex financial transactions with an understanding of methods, law, and how to resolve allegations of fraud, making them leaders in the fight against fraud worldwide.

What does it take for someone to become a CFE?
The constant changing world of Anti-fraud profession demands the right tools at the right time

While it takes an associate or above to meet the minimum academic and professional requirements to get the CFE certificate from ACFE, India opens a spectrum of opportunities. It takes a high moral character to be entirely eligible for the certification.

Following are the categories that a professional CFE experience is considered as eligible for the program:

  1. Auditing & Accounting

Having experience as an auditor (both internal and external) or accountant gives you a professional edge over others considering you already hold a grip on the financial trends. This paves a CFE certificate path for a professional with existing responsibilities on the detection and aversion of corporate fraud. The professional with the skills of accounting system evaluation for its vulnerabilities and organization fraud risk impact, also gain priority, besides a knack for designing control, interpreting financial data and following the red flags.

  1. Fraud Investigation

An experience that encapsulates any criminal or civil investigation, white-collar crime in private or law enforcement agencies counts as a  CFE certificate potential applicant qualification . The professional might be an IRS inspector, district attorney investigator, local law enforcer, insurance fraud examiner, or a fraud examiner working for businesses or industries gain a preference too.

  1. Sociology & Criminology

Professionals with an educational background that encompasses sociology and criminology and some research work in the same domain count as the eligibility. Moreover, professionals with experience in the white-collar crime dimensions in the same field is added advantage.

  1. Law

Another eligibility for potential CFE certificate applicants is experience in the legal domain, provided the experience encapsulates fraud detection and investigation. This might include the professional to have some expertise and working knowledge of fraud litigation and anti-fraud specialization.

Besides this technical expertise, a professional preparing to become a certified fraud examiner must give attention to detail,  be tech-savvy who can explore the multiple software and cutting-edge technology, and have integrity, objectivity, patience and problem-solving skills.

Netrika- The only authorized CFE training partner, joins the fight against fraud, strategically!

Netrika, with its extensive list of training programs, collaborates with ACFE India, to become the only authorized CFE training partner in India to offer the fraud examiner certification course across industry verticals. We are a global leader in offering specialized training regimes from experts in the respective areas of specialization with comprehensive industry exposure.

Our CFE certificate course allows the participant to gain professional visibility and credibility while enhancing their marketability and job security across the globe. With an instructor-led CFE training course, Netrika empowers and generates  awareness for both a professional and the organization to impede potential frauds and limit the risk of having already impacted the entity.


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