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Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) by ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners)

The CFE credential is recognized in the hiring and promotion policies of leading organizations

Certified Fraud Examiner Course

Our CFE certificate course allows the participant to gain professional visibility and credibility while enhancing their marketability and job security across the globe. With an instructor-led CFE training course, Netrika empowers and generates awareness for both a professional and the organization to impede potential frauds and limit the risk of the one that has already impacted the entity. 

The Certified Fraud Examiner qualification from ACFE is an internationally recognized credential, designed for professionals who are involved in the detection and deterrence of fraud. Before obtaining the CFE from ACFE India, the professionals need to demonstrate their ability to handle fraudulent activities in an organization through relevant experience. It is this element of ACFE, that makes it a global leader in imparting anti-fraud specialist training.

Moreover, the certification provides a professional with the specialist training that they would require in the practical world to detect, prevent, as well create a robust background in the legal terms of the organization. With a wide presence, expansive applicability and stringent regulations, ACFE certification enable a professional to gain a career boost.

Benefits of a Certified Fraud Examiner Certification!

Certified Fraud examiner specialists, upon gaining ACFE certification, can work in a variety of organizational positions, with work profiles related to:

  • Analyzing the financial documents of a business to look for signs of fraud
  • Assisting in the criminal and civil investigations
  • Testifying as an expert witness during a trial
  • Preparing relevant documents and reports
  • Analyzing the financial transactions for vulnerable areas or loopholes
  • Conducting forensic audits

CFE credential, being the gold standard of professional excellence in the anti-fraud profession, opens the gates of numerous job profiles for a professional. With opportunities as an auditor, investigatorprosecutornational state and law enforcement officer, risk and loss management professional, lawyer, compliance and fraud officer, security professional, accountant, controller etc, professional gains qualified training to display quality learnings with practical applications.

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