Supply Chain Management Certification

Supply Chain Management Certification

Supply chain security has been driving in the ever-expanding vertical of the manufacturing industry. As the technological disruption pace up, the supply chain certification is gaining popularity considering the increasing vulnerabilities in the domain. Supply chain security managers cap the professional prospects and control the knowledge, competency and implementation of the supply chain in the organization.

Aspirants who wish to augment their career in supply chain security or commence their journey in the domain need to understand the rudimentary aspects of the course certification. We have curated the different components of the supply chains courses online and offline to define the varied facets of the profile to assist you in your career journey.

What encompasses the supply chain security course?

The supply chain management online course and offline course offers an end-to-end understanding of supply chain security services in an organization. It enhances the responsibility of software, hardware and equipment incorporated in the logistics company.

*The CSCSS course fee is $1000

Supply chain security course details

  • Certificate in Supply Chain Security Audits & Standards. It includes the global supply chain security practices, audit, assessment, facility, freight, truck, elements and standards.
  • Warehouse security management. It includes transportation, air freight, sea freight, features, components and security awareness.

Eligibility criteria for supply chain security certificate

  • Bachelor’s degree in the relevant field and/or experience in supply chain/logistics/procurement.

What benefits does a supply chain security professional certification offer?

  • Identifying and implementing the end-to-end supply chain security practices in the organization.
  • Assessment of the advanced security and audit principles in an organization.
  • Enhances the practical knowledge and offers implementation of supply chain security gap analysis.
  • Understanding the challenges, vulnerabilities and threats to supply chain security.
  • Practical learning through the live conferencing and sharing sessions.
  • Enhancing the employment opportunities in the supply chain security industry.

Netrika offers the certification in supply chain security studies (CSCSS) which aims to acclimate aspirants to enhance supply chain security and organization audit. It unfolds the robust competency of the supply chain security specialist.

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