Certified Enterprise Risk Management Professional

Certified Enterprise Risk Management Professional

Enterprise risk management certification (ERM certification) is a professional’s streamlined strategy to leverage uncertainties and opportunities associated with a business’s objectives to manage risks. A risk management certification acts as a catalyst for both a professional and an organization to expand one’s career horizon and enable businesses to accelerate risk-effective decisions that sustain value.

Roles of a professional with enterprise risk management certification

Once you become a certified ERM professional, you are expected to have authority on risk management issues of the business that impact the strategic decisions of the organization. Besides possessing intimate knowledge on how comapnies work, they exhibit operational perspectives and decisive solutions.

Below are the key roles of a certified risk management professional.

  • Identifies, establishes, implements and communicates risk management vision across the organization, and policies.
  • Works in conjunction with senior management to customize risk management roles.
  • Integrate risk management process with the strategic management process.
  • Develops ERM contingency plan.
  • Designs test and communicate the appropriate use of risk management methodologies, techniques and tools.
  • Follow-up a streamlined framework that facilitates the collection of data and its analysis for effective risk management.
  • Implements a supportive risk reporting response team that drives the data flow to the auditing committee.
  • Develops an effective risk monitoring method to highlight the performance of the risk management framework.
  • Guides supporting functions that are involved or acting as a centralized resource centre.
  • Regularly monitors the implementation and effectiveness of risk management processes.
  • Ensures comprehensive risk mitigation action planning.
  • Regularly monitors and reviews the risk policies, procedures, and framework to ensure that every element relevant to risk management is updated.

Skills required to obtain enterprise risk management certification

  • The key traits of professional planning to obtain an enterprise risk management certification includes the following:
  • The ability to think strategically and creatively in emergency situations.
  • Must have excellent facilitation and communication skills which allow them to handle the situation with ease and effectiveness.
  • Capability to motivate and organize the team, from bottom to top hierarchy of the organization.
  • Should be able to drive expected performance from all areas within the organization while coordinating with all levels of management.
  • Must effectively identify and analyse significant data information of the organization and filter it to address the key points, helping management to determine and analyse risks.
  • Capable to summarise and interpret huge risk reports from various organization departments.
  • Excellent report writing skills.
  • Have knowledge or expertise in analysing and reviewing reports and making presentations to management.
  • Ability to interact freely with a multicultural task force in the organization, with robust leadership and negotiating skills.
  • Empathic, passionate and enthusiastic about working in the enterprise risk management culture.

To assist professionals in entering and exploring the territory of ERM, Netrika offers RIMS-Certified enterprise risk management courses in India. The RIMS enterprise risk management certification is an accredited certification that validates the risk professional’s performance ability, technical knowledge, and commitment to quality. The certification represents the standard of education, experience, and ethics that the discipline requires. The RIMS-CRMP helps risk professionals to enhance their work for the organisation by strategically detecting and deterring enterprise-wide risks.

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What is the RIMS-CRMP Certification?

RIMS-CRMP (Certified Risk Management Professional) certification is the formally recognised certification by the Risk Management Society (RIMS), which helps the risk management professionals attain proficiency and comprehension pertaining to the risk management area. RIMS-CRMP to your professional profile to demonstrate that you can successfully manage risk and create value for your organization.

What are the benefits for RIMS-CRMP Certification?

The RIMS-CRMP Certification course benefit in providing practical knowledge, competitive advantage by creating a valuable distinction for the candidate in the job market. With RIMS-CRMP certification, the candidate has the potential to increase earning, elevate status and enhance professional reputation.

What is the duration of RIMS_CRMP Certification course?

The course provided by Netrika Consulting India is a 5 – week course.

What is the period of the certification?

The RIMS-CRMP Certification is awarded for a period of two years.