How Do I Crack The CFE Exam

How Do I Crack The CFE Exam?

Are you aspiring to become a certified fraud examiner, but do not have a detailed schedule to streamline your study plan and crack the CFE exam? Do the comprehensive course and expansive exam pattern make you sceptical of passing the exam successfully on your first attempt?

While being a part of the elite anti-fraud professionals takes your career to new heights of success, offers a visible market and global recognition, it caters to the essential business needs of identifying and averting fraud. This makes the CFE exam widely popular and slightly overwhelming for aspirants.

To address your concern about the CFE exam and how to crack it, we have curated the essentials that will guide you through your exam journey. Starting with the eligibility for the CFE exam, an aspirant must have a member of ACFE, should have a good standing on moral character, must possess a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, and a minimum of two years of professional experience, directly or indirectly related to fraud detection or deterrence.

Once you meet the criteria, you can commence your journey of preparing to crack the CFE exam with the helpful tips:

  1. Prepare a calendar that highlights your preparation journey and follow it diligently. It must include your training sessions (either self-study or trainer assisted) and hours dedicated to CFE study. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the online mode of examination through practice papers or mock tests, while keeping time as one of the metrics.
  2. Track your performance on a daily/weekly basis while focusing on challenging sections. 
  3. If possible be a part of an aspirant network amongst peers, which will motivate you to finish your study plan and offer assistance on the challenging avenues. 
  4. As you approach closer to the exam, go through the detailed explanation instead of skimming parts. 
  5. Invest significant time in taking in all the information, considering some of the CFE course concepts can be complex for aspirants. Take time to soak in all the information. It is highly recommended to not juggle your way with CFE course modules. 
  6. Break down your preparation and actual exam strategy by picking the details that fit the exam pattern.
  7. Keep your CFE course study plan consistent, however, your schedule allows you, to focus more on accuracy instead of speed. 

A candidate has 30 days to complete the four sections of the CFE exam and submit it to ACFE for grading. While an aspirant can choose the days and exam gap they desire, t is recommended not to spread the exam too much. Keeping a wide gap between writing the exam sections might make you feel overwhelmed, cause angst and even fail to attempt other sections. 

To assist aspirants in their journey of successfully cracking the CFE exam and becoming certified fraud examiners, Netrika, the only authorized ACFE training partner, incorporates the CFE training program. The CFE course offered by Netrika is the perfect amalgamation of theory and comprehensive industry exposure for professionals. Our experts assist in your training programs to help you ace the CFE exam and advance your career with global visibility.

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Q : How long does it take to complete CFE?

Usually, it might take CFE aspirants around 3-6 months to prepare and appear for the CFE examination. With the CFE review course, participants will be given a rigorous 4-weeks preparation period with mock tests and interactive learning sessions for each module and they are advised to take the exam can be by end of each session.

Q :  How hard is the CFE exam?

CFE examination is not as difficult as assumed, if you prepare well in advance, work hard with the training and practice with the right material. To prepare for the examination, you need to have a study guide and carefully choose the study modules. If you have everything in place, the exam is not difficult to crack. The right resources and training from experts would help you prepare well and strategics better for the examination.

Q : How many questions are on the CFE?

The CFE Exam comprises a total of 400 questions divided into sections of sections, each section constituting 100 questions.

The four sections are:

  • Financial Transactions & Fraud Schemes
  • Law
  • Investigation
  • Fraud Prevention & Deterrence

Candidates get 2 hours to complete each section of the exam with an optimal five-minute break between each section. Candidates get a window of 60 days to complete the examination.

Q : Is CFE a good certification?

CFE is one of the most popular and in-demand courses across the globe that offers insights into varied avenues such as fraud investigation, accounting, auditing, fraud prevention and deterrence. It boosts one’s career opportunities, develops the career graph, increases marketability, job security, safety, offers market visibility, credibility and distinguishes one from the peers. Becoming a CFE makes you a valuable addition to the company.