Supply chain management courses for working professionals

Supply chain management courses for working professionals

Supply chain professional certification focuses on familiarising a professional with the principles and elements of different aspects of supply chain security standards and requirements. It encompasses the understanding of generic security audits, assessments, and risk mitigation that leads to the professional’s skill upgrade.

The course of supply chain professional certification itself is a cross-functional approach, incorporating transforming raw materials into finished goods. So, SCM essentially deals with designing, planning, implementing, controlling, and tracking the involved supply chain activities to help build a highly competitive and secured infrastructure and boost net value.

This is why all the best supply chain management courses incorporate the below-mentioned components for a 360-degree security shield:

  1. Planning
  2. Information
  3. Source
  4. Inventory
  5. Production
  6. Location
  7. Transportation
  8. Return of goods

One of the most renowned supply chain professional certifications that strengthen and enhance the end-to-end security of an organization is ASIRS (Academy of security, intelligence, and risk studies). Its Certificate in supply chain security studies (CSCSS). It covers the entire spectrum of supply chain security. It enables a professional to synergize 3M (man, machine, material) to anticipate threats and deter them from causing finances and reputation losses.

The following modules are incorporated under the supply chain professional certification from ASIRS.

1. Supply chain professional certification in security audits & standards

  • Global supply chain security practices
  • Components of security audit and assessment
  • Supply chain security audit: facility & freight
  • Supply chain security audit: truck & trucking
  • Supply chain security elements and standards
  • Tapa standards (FSR, TSR, TACSS)
  • Internal auditor and self-audit process
  • Certificate in Supply Chain Security Management

2. Warehouse security management (facility and freight)

  • Transportation security management (truck and trucking)
  • Airfreight security management (air terminals, modes, and nodes)
  • Sea freight security management (port facilities and shipping)
  • Features & components of a robust supply chain security organization
  • Security awareness training
  • Effective and efficient supply chain security management

Supply chain management course fees from ASIRS: $900

Supply chain management courses eligibility

  • Bachelor’s degree in the relevant field and/or experience in supply chain/logistics/procurement.

The ASIRS-CSCSS supply chain management certification unfolds the competency of a professional and helps them build a robust organizational foundation while building a gratifying career. To acclimate you with the ASIRS supply chain management certification, Netrika offers the CSCSS course to enhance supply chain security and organization audit.

Successful completion of the CSCSS course gives you the supply chain risk specialist status, with enhanced skills, and technology understanding which leverages essential factors to manage the ever-evolving complexities in the supply chain management verticals of the industry.

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