Are you ready for the CFE exam?
CFE is a prestigious certification offered by ACFE (Association of certified fraud examiners), the world’s largest anti-fraud organization and anti-fraud training & education provider. The CFE Exam tests your skills and knowledge in four prime verticals; financial transaction & fraud schemes, law, investigation, and fraud prevention & deterrence.

With the acceptance of the certification globally, CFE professional gains visibility and credibility in different domain of business. While the exam in itself is not complex, it certainly deserves diligence and hard work to crack the exam and obtain the certification. This requires the aspirant to prepare with a strategy and some handy tips. Devising a proper plan along with preparation tips can help the candidate crack the exam on the first attempt.

The article will throw some light on the best CFE preparation tips, and strategies that will help you ace the examination.

Form options of studying on your own, attending live events, on-site training, and online training, you can find your best-suited mode of learning and then follow these simple preparation steps.

1. Sound preparation starts with an understanding of the syllabus
Even though every CFE aspiring candidate is thorough with the examination syllabus, be sure to go through it more than once. Understanding the entire syllabus is the key to smart planning. This way you will divide your schedule according to the subject and difficulty.

2. Make a Schedule
Making a schedule is as important as being thorough with the entire syllabus. Creating a plan based on the topics that you want to focus on first can save you from endless chaos that results in the absence of a schedule. Moreover, your preparation strategy falls in place when you create a proper schedule. It makes you use time efficiently and molds you perfectly well to be ready to appear for the exam.

3. Notes can become your study companion
Notes are a simple yet highly effective technique that helps you remember the subjects and topics better. Also, considering the exam syllabus is extensive and can sometimes become overwhelming, the notes you made will help you ease the pressure by helping you retract the information.
But while preparing notes, you must make them enable you to learn better rather than just copy-paste the exact information. It is also important that you go through your notes frequently to remember the data you garnered while making them. Additionally, you must revise from your notes instead of the book to stay familiar with the concepts.

4. Always practice through the Preparation Materials and Modules
Another useful CFE preparation tip is to keep practicing the preparation sample materials, and modules. This technique will keep you informed of the exam pattern and improve the quality of your preparation to help you manage your time more efficiently with each practice session.

5. Analyse your Performance and make Corrective actions
While you attempt preparation materials and modules, it becomes highly important to keep track of how you performed, or whether your performance has an ascending or descending curve. This will not only help you identify your vulnerable topic areas, and perform corrective actions but also aid in developing a better study plan to get a good score.

The last preparation tip that you can apply is to stop procrastinating and get into your CFE study plan for a prestigious career today.

What role does Netrika play in helping you prepare a well-defined strategy for obtaining a certified fraud examiner certification?
Netrika has collaborated with ACFE to become India’s only CFE (certified fraud examiner) course. We are committed to reducing business fraud worldwide and inspiring public confidence in the integrity and objectivity of the profession. Our expert professionals train the best business concepts with practical education to give a 360-degree approach to identifying and combating insider threats.

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